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Hey there! First of all, thanks for visiting my site! I get to play a lot of different people/beings on the stage - here, you'll learn all about the man behind the scenes! First, let's get the early stuff out of the way. I was born near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1990 right before home computers, cell phones, and anti-skip CD players. I therefore spent my childhood days outside either on my bike or in the small woods behind my house (perhaps it was there I first learned to pretend - to commit to my own unique world). My friends and I built forts, jumped over creeks, climbed fences, & braved many ticks and thorns, and always for some impossible reason or another - saving the world one day at a time. My first dip into "performing" was impersonating Jim Carrey movies for my family, but once I officially picked up music at age 7, and then theatre at age 11, my true path in the arts was set.

School was awkward, as it tends to be. In elementary school, I was short for my age. In middle school, I was the last to hit puberty. In high school is when I really committed to theatre, choir, and band - somewhat marginalized communities in my school district. There were a painful two or three years with braces (as a trumpet player in marching band, I'd wager more painful than most realize). However, with the clarity of adulthood now, I am grateful for every moment. I had loyal friends, honorable role models, and just the right amount of responsibility to bring me into my college years.


My first job after graduation was a children's theater gig at Dollywood (yes, Dolly Parton's theme park) in Tennessee. I got this job late in the summer and after a series of availability miscommunications that almost cost me the the whole gig. It was there, in a silly bear costume and surrounded by roller coasters that I found the woman who would eventually become my wife. I am grateful every day that fate figured out a way to get me that short summer job that changed my life. I have been uncharacteristically lucky to have worked with Jess consistently since 2012 - we've traveled together (usually with our rescue dog Chance) to several states, spanning from New York to California, and I am fortunate to have played many roles with her by my side (check out my Resumé page for more on those). Jess and I get to perform, direct, teach acting classes, offer private lessons, maintain separate & successful careers, and we're STILL able to balance a healthy, wonderful marriage. I live my dreams alongside her every day, and I couldn't be happier. 

While that is all pretty much the long and short of it, I like to believe I can't fit my entire life onto one page of my website. SO, at the risk of droning on, I won't continue to bore you with all the fine details! If you'd like another window into who I am, scroll down and follow me on Twitter or check out my Instagram! For further info on what I'm doing currently, check out my News & Reviews page! Thanks for reading!

My time as a student at Susquehanna University educated me into true adulthood. My theatrical education was well-rounded, delving into both western and non-western customs. I got invaluable experience in stagecraft, costume construction, stage makeup, and directing beyond my performance focus. I ended up in a music fraternity, PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA, that cultivated Brotherhood and instilled in me ideals of honor and service to others. My time at Susquehanna University exposed me to so much my small town didn't offer. I learned about others' nationalities, creeds, & loves that were new to me. I made friends that challenged my ideas of philosophy and religion. I discovered more about myself in those four short years than I ever thought possible thanks to that school and the people with whom I shared that time.

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